Once More Unto The Breach

There comes a time in every man’s life when it is necessary to gird one’s loins, screw your courage to the sticking-place, cast the die, and cross the Rubicon.

I’m going to wash the mugs.


Nihon Go Go Go

I’ve been stumbling around learning Japanese for a while now and as you might imagine it’s difficult to fit into a busy caretaker lifestyle.

But whilst pushing the floor cleaning machine along the other day and singing to myself under cover of the racket it makes I had an epiphany. Forget mnemonics and other pedagogical aids - what’s needed is to transpose everything into expository show tunes!

Since then I have expanded into complimentary styles such as Music Hall and a little Gilbert & Sullivan but it does appear to be doing the trick.

I may have to lose the terrible Anthony Newley / early David Bowie accent I affect when singing that sort of thing though.


Frank Newby

Those of a certain age who grew up in Orsham might want to know that Frank Newby the former Headmaster of Forest School for Boys has died. He was well ahead of his time particularly in being a strong advocate of lifetime education. There’s an obituary on the ad heavy West Sussex County Times website.

In keeping with my policy of minimal engagement with education I didn’t have much to do with him; though when I was volunteered to write for the school paper he did ban one of my articles questioning the Head Boy system and related expenditure.

That’s reminded me I attempted to be a conscientious objector to being made a Prefect - but that didn’t get very far.

Despite these oldfangled terms it was actually a progressive Comprehensive school.

Death Olden Days

Don’t Play It Again Sam

All media platforms should have an option to only suggest music unlike what you’ve played in the past as why in the name of Saint John Of Peel would I want to listen to tracks that are similar to what I’ve already heard?

Hobby Horse

Brexit: The End Game

The game is afoot. The phoney war has ended. The hot potato is a bitter pill for the cat amongst the pigeons barking up the wrong tree as the fly in the ointment jumps ship & thumbs its nose to the elephant in the room preaching to the choir as it is thrown under the bus.


Psst! Bootleg

Sussex By The Sea recorded in Sussex but not by the sea.

Flag Of Sussex

such was the reputation of Sussex that it was said to venture into the county was to risk being turned into a pudding yourself”’.