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The European Copyright Directive has reared its unsightly head again and what I find notable about these regular Rights battles is that the one group of people who are ignored are those of us who actually pay for what we consume. It’s always so called creators’ versus pirates and the rest of us are supposed to just lump it.

It’s definitely made me buy more stuff second hand and concentrate my purchasing on independent artists. Why should I support those who want to make it easy for the Government to clamp down on dissent by enabling a censorship system that won’t work to stop piracy.

Like the Home Taping Is Killing Music’ 1 campaign the concentration on the debatable effects of piracy just diverts from the money grab by the big media companies and the business practices of Amazon and the like which is where artists money is actually going.

And we live in a backward looking era where there’s hundreds of years of proven high quality books, art, and media for new work to compete with and a vast over supply of artists. There’s a lot of good writers, musicians, etc. about but very few decent plumbers. Supply and demand.

P.S. And in a desperate attempt to save the word from its current decline to just a marketing phrase - this is what creative means.

In 1965 Seiichi Miyake spent his own money to invent tactile blocks (or Tenji blocks as they were originally known) to help a friend whose vision was becoming impaired.’

Part of a Google animated doodle showing the feet and stick of a visually impaired person on the textured lined and dotted tiles of a tenji block, the latter of which has the word Google written out as on an old digital clock rdisplay.

  1. It didn’t.

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If I Do Say So Myself

It may seem immodest but I think I can claim that my lyrics stand comparison with some of those from the greatest songwriters of the last hundred years. The Kink’s Ray Davies comes first to mind:

All alone, sitting on my sofa
Oh, oh, oh, sitting on my sofa
Sipping at my soda
Sitting on my sofa

For those of tender years there used to be a thing called the b-side, as nicely summarised by BA Robertson:


Where Are They Now?

Episode 27

My keys.


And Relax

11.45pm Friday - Nothing on at work tomorrow so I can sleep as long as I like”.

7am Saturday - Lies in bed wide awake.


Solved By Poll

Owning how many guitars is too many guitars?

  1. 2
  2. 49
  3. 116
  4. There is no limit.
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And To Finish - Drama!

For We Must Have Music

Design Sadism

A morning spent listening to the sound of sprung loaded pull up banners retracting into their bases at great speed as the apprentice fair stallholders repeatedly fail to attach them to their poles. To standardise on a height just slightly higher than most people can hold a banner under tension is one of the great examples of design sadism in our times.

The Caretaker Files

DYGL - Paper Dream

With the decline of British pop you get used to everyone singing in an American accent like in the days of Rock n’ Roll. So it’s a bit of a surprise to hear a track from overseas sung in English English.

As seen on Make Believe Melodies

Recorded In Sarf London.

One Wot I Like

Roof Garden Coming Along Nicely

A lump of moss fallen onto a flat roof

Aside Photograph

Have You Taken Your Vegetablets?1

The third album called 3’.
Released in the third month.
On the second day… bugger, so near but yet so far.

Hold on…
Checks timezones…
The third day!

  1. Even for me that’s pretty bad.

One Wot I Like