Brexit: The End Game

The game is afoot. The phoney war has ended. The hot potato is a bitter pill for the cat amongst the pigeons barking up the wrong tree as the fly in the ointment jumps ship & thumbs its nose to the elephant in the room preaching to the choir as it is thrown under the bus.


Psst! Bootleg

Sussex By The Sea recorded in Sussex but not by the sea.

such was the reputation of Sussex that it was said that to venture into the county was to risk being turned into a pudding yourself”’.


Furious Typing

Since the advent of sampling life has been hard for the typist wanting to make their way in popular music and whilst the digital version is convenient it can’t match the feel, warmth and variation that can be attained from the real thing

And whilst on the subject of great Billy Fury b-sides and like most of his early recordings written by himself.

Have always imagined that Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds would do a good version of this.

Incidentally the story is that the Beatles (or Silver Beetles as they were at the time) would have been his backing band if they’d been prepared to fire Stuart Sutcliffe but that may be a later invention.

Stuart Sutcliffe sat, playing bass, with George Harrions in the background Photograph By Astrid Kirchherr



They really ought to introduce some sort of test people would have to pass before they’re allowed to drive a car.


Agile Caretaking

There are many ways to describe adapting to circumstances whether because of unexpected events or poor planning. By the seat of the pants, wing it, off the cuff, and play it by ear being popular examples.

But for my particular style of last minute making it up as I go along I’ve introduced the phrase Agile Caretaking’ thus making me cutting edge rather than lacking preparation.


Soup Of The Day

Come with me, if you will, on a journey through time - back to the Primordial swamps whence all life sprang forth .