Barrel Thoroughly Scraped

The title of this post is a perhaps a little harsh as these final semi-live recordings of The Gits are the best available in some cases.

Blurb from Bandcamp:

With Ben about to jump ship and the end of the band in sight we decided to record our tunes live in the studio. Not a music studio of course but the drama annex at Collyer’s College Horsham.

We played along to drum machine and second guitar parts pre-recorded to DAT onto our usual four track cassette machine. A little vocal reverb was added in the mix but nothing was replaced or overdubbed.

Twenty nine songs in one session was a gnats optimistic and we flag in places but it may be of interest as some of these songs were markedly different in their live versions and a few had benefited from a couple of years of gigging.

The Gits (UK) Noise

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