Never Darken My Door Again!

I specifically asked for it to be stained a nice light oak colour.



I used to do the Emergency Light Testing once a month but now we have a Building Facilities Company they’re paid to do it. So on the months they turn up one or two sub-contractors follow me round whilst I do the Emergency Light Testing.

Apparently it saves money.

The Caretaker Files

Organisation Is Key

My comprehensive note taking, detailed logging, and carefully indexed filing system means that if I’m ever looking for how an old tune is played I can often find it in only one or two days.

A photo of part of a letter from 1997 with chords scribbled on it apparently at random and part of a song title

Noise Aside


After only a few hours research I’m confident I’ve found the best combination of radio and antenna to get around the poor longwave performance of modern multi-band analogue portables.

The only remaining question is why I spent the time on this when I’m not planning to buy either one.


And The Doodles Keep Right On Comin’

More guitar synth, this time with overdubs.

Man Of Arun Noise

This That And The Other

Another guitar synth doodle from time spent getting a setup on the computer I can use quickly. Again as played (along to a port ambience) with sound changes by expression and sustain pedals only routed to the background sound not the mellotron flute.

Man Of Arun Noise

On This Day A Rare Amicable Twitter Brexit Exchange

In reply to someone saying that if our ancestors could survive the Cretaceous-Paleogene extinction we should be able to survive Brexit I point out that suggests three quarters of us will die to which comes the retort, “Only in the short term”. Witty but not comforting.

Man Of Arun Noise Release Hobby Horse

Must Have Worked

Haven’t seen it once since.

A screen capture from last December on Twitter when I mentioned adding thrombperdicular to my muted words list


And On The Dynamic Random Play List

Some might say serendipitous but that’s quite difficult to pronounce so I’m going with coincidence.

A randomly generated playlist with Judy Garland’s version of Somewhere Over The Rainbow followed by Since You’ve Been Gone by the rock band Rainbow.


And The True Value Of the Oscars Is…

Archie Leach never won one.

The Academy in their wisdom have decided to give the Cinematography, Editing and Make Up & Hairdressing awards during the commercial breaks of this year’s event. Obviously anyone with a phone & a computer could do the first two of those these days so giving an award at all is questionable. But perhaps those attending the ceremony could do so with no make-up & unkempt hair so we can judge whether such a slight is warranted for that category.

And here’s an entirely irrelevant song which happens to be called Oscar.