No Winged Serpent Cameo

Licensing issues I expect.

The Divine Comedy - Queue Jumper

For We Must Have Music

A Game Of One Half

Graph showing leave voter views on a No Deal outcome to Brexit.

With such an unbalanced side no wonder Britain’s doing so badly. We’ve got an outside left but no one on the right wing.

It’s a bit wearing that thinking the game should take place on a level playing field is always labelled and treated as the only extreme in UK politics.

…Dropped the metaphor at the last hurdle there.


Public Information Post

Having completed a gentle warm up I’m now going through my pre-bath stretches prior to partaking in an Olympic standard soak.

If more folk took the time to do the proper preparation before stepping into the tub they would avoid a lot of the common bathing related injuries.


For Those Travelling & Working In The UK

British door wedges are easily recognised by their bright red colour.

A fire escape door held open by a fire extinguisher.

The Caretaker Files

I Had Holes In My Jeans When It Meant Something


A Good Result For The Interests Of Daring Archaeologists

Screen capture of the result of a Welsh Council By-election where the winnner is (IND) Jones.


I’d Like To Thank The Lady Mayoress

Whenever I see someone is unveiling a release I always anticipate a photo of them pulling a bit of string attached to a curtain to reveal it like a historical plaque on a wall. Thus far I have been disappointed.

Screen capture of a post announcing that The Wedding Present have ‘unveilded’ their Record Store Day vinyl release.

At least they didn’t drop’ it.


In The Old Fashioned Way

I’ve been reading about a film I have a vague memory of but had forgotten the moral of the story, …the aliens … are thwarted and learn the human value of courtesy’.

We could do with a few more movies like, They Came from Beyond Space today. (But with higher production values).


English Today No. 48

Is that the best number to get you on’ appears to be the fashionable euphemism for give me your mobile number’. Both equally ineffective.

The Caretaker Files

Unusual Tuning

Like all right thinking people Edwyn Collins has made his new album BADBAE available on Bandcamp as well as in the usual 20th Century formats.

One Wot I Like