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In Box

Just received the latest from Galaxy Train - the philatelists’ choice.

A package with lots of interesting Japanese stamps containing cassettes


Man Of Arun - Ne me quitte pas

A Hobby-horse.

As I traverse the highways and byways of Bandcamp searching for the source of the sounds that abound around the internet I am apt to stumble upon the ruins of pages abandoned by artists seduced by the promises of gold in them there hills of streaming services and mainstream download platforms.

All that typically remains is a three year old EP and a link, oft broken, to the website of their betrayal. As you likely conjecture, sod you then” is the only appropriate reaction and a sale remains unconsummated.

But worse is when you realised the singer or group you’ve long supported has decamped the coop.

But worse is when you realised the singer or group you’ve long supported has decamped the coop and is now to be found on a region restricted outlet.

So I knocked out a song about it.

Not that I’m bitter.

The front cover of the Man Of Arun EP with the name vertical on the right hand edge and a picture of a fairly modern yet dilapidated pub on the right taking up most of the areaMy Bands Were Often Camped In Pubs

The back cover of the Man Of Arun EP listing the tune titles: Bandcamp (Comeback), The Streaming Suite, Bandcamp (Slight Return), and other credits

Man Of Arun Noise Release Hobby Horse

Throw Back Thursday

Hashed & Tagged & Tweeted

The ball of a neighbour’s child that has landed in our garden.

The ill directed javelin that’s skewered the mid-race leader of the ladies 5000m semi-finals.

The young fish caught in error whilst angling.

The bottle of piss aimed at the bass player of a band who have sold out’ by someone in the rock festival crowd.

A sweet given out during the panto song sheet aimed right between the eyes of the soap star playing Buttons.

From back in the day.

Because It Was There Twitter

Arcana (1927)

Edgar Varèse has never been hugely popular other than with every soundtrack composer ever.


Dispatches From The Front Line Of Rock & Roll

My novelty Christmas release has become a novelty New Year release due to essential floor maintenance.

A Hall floor part where through coating with a maintainer sealant with with the part already done shiny and reflecting the lights and roof

Things learnt anew or reaffirmed whilst recording it.

  • I have a good voice for instrumentals.
  • Lovely sustained keyboard chords really show up that you can’t hold a note. (Synth out, arpeggiated 12 string guitar in).
  • I should write more serious songs as silly ones are far harder.
Man Of Arun Noise The Caretaker Files

Once More Unto The Breach

There comes a time in every man’s life when it is necessary to gird one’s loins, screw your courage to the sticking-place, cast the die, and cross the Rubicon.

I’m going to wash the mugs.


Nihon Go Go Go

I’ve been stumbling around learning Japanese for a while now and as you might imagine it’s difficult to fit into a busy caretaker lifestyle.

But whilst pushing the floor cleaning machine along the other day and singing to myself under cover of the racket it makes I had an epiphany. Forget mnemonics and other pedagogical aids - what’s needed is to transpose everything into expository show tunes!

Since then I have expanded into complimentary styles such as Music Hall and a little Gilbert & Sullivan but it does appear to be doing the trick.

I may have to lose the terrible Anthony Newley / early David Bowie accent I affect when singing that sort of thing though.

Japan Language the Caretaker Files

In A Novel Approach

This production sees Macduff advance on Dunsinane with a scale model of Great Birnam Wood. Either that or tomorrow’s table decorations are a bit posher than normal.

A number of Bonsai trees laid out on the front of a stage.

A Bonsai Tree.

The Caretaker Files

ハイスピード瞬き - Demo

Currently spinning on the virtual turntable. From a few years ago.

But not to be confused with でも。

The Japanese band ハイスピード瞬き (High Speed Blink) stood in front of a waterfall, as you do

One Wot I Like