If You Only Read One Thing Today

It better be quite short as you’ve got twenty minutes.

Photo Of Clock at 10.40pm after a black and white newspaper like effect has been applied


For Bill

Having seen the call to guitars from Chords Of Orion I’ve knocked out a tune for #AmbientGuitarHighlights.

The series I’m attempting to appear in has been quite generous in the application of the Ambient tag so the fact that I’ve overplayed a bit will hopefully not be my undoing.

This was going to be backing for E-bow and what not but in the end I rather liked it as it stood. For anyone who follows Bill’s channel the choice of UD Stomp to base the sound around will come as no surprise but everything else was added on a whim.

It may all look a bit serious which is due to not being entirely decided on the structure of the tune before setting off and trying to remember when to wiggle the controller and volume pedals.

I’m going to claim the fluffs were in fact on purpose as they tended to produce the most interesting delay effects.

This was not the first take.

Man Of Arun Noise Music Video

Harry Shinpads’ Higgins

I for one would like to know more about the career of this versatile comedian and musician.



If You Go Down To The Woods Today

Hold on, that chanting isn’t coming from the cricket on the radio…

Sound Effects Video

Never Forget



Back In The Day

I quite fancied the Susanna Hoffs signature Rickenbacker which if I remember correctly was based on the model John Lennon played but with a full length neck. Somewhat out of my league though.