The Pictures Are Better On The Radio

I’ve been listening to a Radio 6 series where authors pick out a few favourite tunes.

It turns out Graphic Content’ isn’t anything to do with them all writing comics.

Screen capture from the BBC Radio 6 website showing author Warren Ellis and the aforementioned ‘Graphic Content’ warning.

Neil Gaiman and Alan Moore both chose Bob Dylan’s Subterranean Homesick Blues which I used to know all the words to, as whoever marked my Geography A Level exam can attest.

Relevant Text:


Stooky Bill

I’m not sure this web cam I found in a drawer meets current specs.

Audio And Or Visual


A 1949 newspaper cutting from the Chicago Tribune encouraging readers to report all dealings with medical quacks.

Chicago Tribune
8th August 1949


Couldn’t Direct Their Way Out Of A Paper Bag

And in today’s health and safety quiz can anyone spot the problem in this photograph and the easy steps to alleviate the issue?

Speakers at a talk hosted by the Institute Of Director sat blocking a fire exit to the far side of a more centrally placed banner

As I’m sure you spotted the people giving the talk are sat blocking the fire exit which could have been avoided by moving them nearer to the screen and the banner currently in that position to the right. It would also have made for better presentation, particularly when answering questions, as they would have been nearer all those attending.


Great Minds

I’ve been sorting through the big file of ideas for lyrics I’ve jotted down through the years which contains an inordinate number of bad puns. So something in common with Shakespeare at least.


More Time Well Spent

Of course when I mentioned finishing my pedalboard the other day that was Board A. Board B pretty much there as well now.

(Spoilt a bit by standing too near the dictaphone and picking up plectrum sounds acoustically).


Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Doris

Occasionally someone will helpfully spell out their email address over the phone using a phonetic alphabet which almost always results in me writing it down wrong by the time I’ve translated it into letters.

The Caretaker Files

The Acoustics - Illumination

Notable for lack of the eponymous.

One Wot I Like

On Message

I’ve received an email with strategic deliverables’ in the first sentence. I hope it isn’t an important message as I couldn’t bring myself to read any further.

The Caretaker Files

Shuta Hasunuma - 454

It’s not often these days that a video adds to the music but this, to my mind, is an exception. Indeed I wonder if the music can stand apart. We shall find out.

One Wot I Like