I Hope Childrens TV Is As Good These Days

Basil Brush and Demis Roussos

For We Must Have Music

Oh Brian!

A cautionary tale of an Amazon review where Brain admits to buying paper for a laser printer despite having an inkjet


Comment Without Posting.



A wedge of Edam Cheese posed outside for the camera

Because It Was There

Could Any Two Words Ever Have Struck Such Terror Into The Hearts Of Men As…

Jazz Panpipes!

For We Must Have Music

In Summary - The American War Of Independence

A tax dispute with a mad King where Americans fought for the freedom of all white male colonists.


A Message, A Realisation

Getting email notifications of updates to audio plug-ins you don’t remember having is possibly a sign you have too many plug-ins.


It’s About That Time Of Night Volume Thirteen

Many moons ago I posted online the odd tune suitable for late night listening but the varying embedding restrictions and ephemeral nature of the web meant the individual posts became hard to maintain. So having collected them into compilations I thought I might as well stick em on Mixcloud.

  1. Hyeman & Metalfunkel - Paranoid
  2. Joseph Rock - Jha Che Valle
  3. Joe Hisaishi - Porco Rosso (Live)
  4. George Harrison - Window Window (Demo)
  5. Toots Thielemans - Don’t Blame Me
  6. Hiroki Saito paraboLa - 牡丹の花
  7. Edward Woodwood - This Man Alone
  8. Microdisney - Dolly
  9. Tavagna & Jacques Dutronc - Corsica (Live)
  10. Half Man Half Biscuit - Reflections In A Flat
  11. Phoenix - Honeymoon
  12. It Happens - Track & Field
  13. Booker T & The MGs - When Something Is Wrong With My Baby
  14. world’s end girlfriend Quartet - Yes (Live)
It's About That Time Of Night Mixcloud

Grappling Gripperods!

Will our heroes survive?


Kill Switch Press In

I’ve stuck a kill switch in the guitar - not least to fill the hole left after moving the volume pot out of the way of my extravagant strumming. RJS momentary switch about a fiver from CPC rated to at least a million operations. And vandal resistant!

The aforementioned kill switch in the control plate of a Fret-King Telecaster style guitar.