She Flys Like A Mandolin, Which Is To Say Poorly

Ich stucken an Almuse P90 type pickup in my Epiphone Mandobird which makes the response across the strings a lot more even. Now I just need to replace the person playing it.

A solid body electric mandolin in the shape of a Gibson Firebird with various tools lying around it.

(The big pliers aren’t required for the install, they just happened to be on the bench).


Me And My…

A passing conversation has had me drifting into an evening of music by members of The Shadows that was a little different from their usual fair. I haven’t got into original drummer Tony Meehans production work.

First up long serving drumm Brian Bennett with Chain Reaction from his 1978 album, Voyager (A Journey Into Discoid Funk.

Next The Hank Marvin Guitar Syndicate - New Earth Parts I & II from 1974.

You’re Burning Bridges from 1971 by Marvin Welch & Farrar was during their attempt to evolve away from the guitar instrumentals for which The Shadows were famous but fans continued to want re-runs of Apache rather than to try something new.

Bruce Welch John Farrar where also knocking out and producing country hits for Olivia Newton-John in America, some times written by ex-Shadows bassist John Rostil until his early death.

Farrar later produced her Physical’ Album.

Bruce also gave Cliff Richard’s career a kick up the wotsit producing his mid to late 1970s albums.

Back to Brian again to wind down and one of his numerous Library Music LPs Bruton Music label, Nature Watch.

For We Must Have Music

A Laser Blast From The Past

Senior citizens will be able to relive their youth at Orsham Gaming Festival tomorrow and Sunday.

Eight arcade video games machines

The Caretaker Files

That’s An Awful Lot Of Debates

A Tweet announcing and linking to, ‘Fact-checking night 1 of the 2020 Democratic debates’.


If You Only Read One Thing Today

It would appear you’ve chosen this post which suggests rather poor judgement.



I’ve started this post with ok to give the impression I’m writing either reluctantly or after a deal of serious reflection when in fact the only thing I considered was whether I should begin as I have or with right’ which would indicate a steely resolve.



The first bird breaks into song at 3.41am and whilst humans wax lyrical about how wonderfully melodious it is the rest of the birds are going it’s too early, go back to sleep”.


Post Rock

A photograph of twenty or so mainly senior citizens holding aloft ukeleles except one man with a saxophone.


You Don’t Want To Start From Here

Just directed some folks delivering a kitchen to number 27. I understand their confusion - 13-21 are at the town end of the road on the left, 20 and 24 100 yards further down on the right and 27 another 200 yards towards the river on the left. Numbers omitted are lost to the mists of time.


Back In The day

Before the age of the internet and the ready availability of machine translation you had to put a lot more effort into misunderstanding something in a foreign language.