Quin In A Bin

Special election photo series

A Conservative Party leaflet in support of their candidate Jeremy Quinn - in a bin.

The Caretaker Files Politics

Psychological Insights Into The British Electorate No. 37

I occasionally hear people chatting in the foyer near my office. It’s cold in here” someone says - I look up at a security monitor to see them walk past a wide open front door. Do they shut it? No.

Aside Politics

Fracking Ada

Apparently they’ve stopped gas exploration and are going to search for Moratorium instead.

A screen capture of a page on the BBC News website about the suspension of fracking.


Where Would You Like Me To Write Them?

An online questionnaire with the question, ‘Do you have any comments or feedback?’ with the answer, ‘Yes’.


Demanding Good With Menaces

I steer clear of Halloween but if I did indulge I would be tempted to give any kid that came a knocking on my door a toy lorry.

[Apparently not taking gifts from strange men doesn’t apply when teaching children the principals of a protection racket].


The Red Hand Files

Leading Agony Uncle Nick Cave fields many a varied question from his fans on the Red Hand Files and today produced another brilliant reply. I’ve no idea what it means, but brilliant none the less.


That’s It, I’m Not Voting Tory Now

Typically the Conservative and allegedly Unionist Party took absolutely no account of t’Hall’s bookings when deciding on the date of the General Election.

I think I might vote for that Tactical Party a lot of people are mentioning.

The Caretaker Files

Always Happy To Help

Less happy to be ignored.

Me: Here is a sheet of the correct locations & descriptions”.

Him: No thank you, I need to work off the list we’ve been given”.

Two Hours Later.

Him: All these ones on the list are wrong”.

Me: Perhaps you might like this sheet of the correct descriptions & locations”.

The Caretaker Files

The Descent Of Man

I always triage my clothes after washing and drying:

  • Good
  • Acceptable
  • Decorating
  • Gutters / Drains
  • Bike Cleaning
  • Rags

How people end up with clothes to sell or give away always amazes me.


Organisation Is Key

Working through the to do list I’m up to item seven, The other thing I’ve forgotten’.