Gee Mr Tracy - Mr Unlucky

A video I knocked out for the b-side of the 1986 Lava Man single from the Norwich duo.

They were pretty big in Orsham with at least two copies sold here.

The film, Down And Out’ is from the A/V Geeks collection at archive.org and the character might be described more accurately as Mr Incompetent but it’s as close as I could get without expending money or effort. This is a re-upload from 2016 after a streamlining of YouTube accounts.

Norwich based synth twosome treading the boards in the City’s pubs and venues during the mid - 80’s. comprised of Tom Brick’ Smith on spoken vocals and (now London-based TV correspondent) Vince Rogers.

Tom, invariably suited, with a drink never far from hand, slurred and shouted through his wonderful repertoire of verse (You make my house shine…Where the biscuit tins are never empty…) aided by Vince’s ham-fisted, two-fingered (!) mono riffs. Live, they were cool and shambolic, with a beefy, swinging drum machine to shake up the rafters and were well deserving of their not inconsiderable band of followers.

From last.fm

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