The Gits (UK) - JK Rant (With Commentary On)

A combination of different recordings to create a new version of this popular vaudeville standard for inclusion in the Firestation Records release The Sound Of Leamington Spa Strikes Back With A Vengeance Part Deux’. This is one of a series of compilations gathering British indie pop releases of the 1980s.

This video takes the kitchen sink approach and tries to fit in all the sorts of things we did on our cassette releases such as using out takes and humorous’ interludes. These were generally funny the first time and profoundly irritating by the third or fourth listen.

Errors & Omissions

It should of course have been clench your buttocks’. Sorry for any confusion caused. (The Gits are not liable for any injuries caused by following ambiguous advice).

The Gits (UK) Audio And Or Visual Noise

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