Miscellaneous Tunes From The Last Few Years By Japanese People

  1. Medley Relay by Isobe Masafumi
  2. Bikinikill by Möscow çlub
  3. Skabetty by Mass Of The Fermenting Dregs
  4. Hyades by Purple Bloom
  5. Retronix Symphony by Mop Of Head
  6. Sun by Tujiko Noriko
  7. つかのま by Nabowa Feat. Port Of Notes
  8. ソラニン by Asian Kung-Fu Generation
  9. ベクトル 〜いつの日かたどりつけるこの足で〜 by Who The Bitch
  10. Les Enfants du Paradis by World’s end girlfriend
  11. Nicola by Vanilla Beans
  12. バランス by Ogre You Asshole
  13. Libido by Versailles Philharmonic Quintet
  14. Your Thorn by Cokiyu
  15. Love Me Tender by 東京カランコロン
  16. Man-Like Creatures by Straightener
  17. 歓びを唄う by The Ton Up Motors
  18. Echoes & Whispers (Live) by Cloudchair
  19. Episode by Versailles Philharmonic Quintet


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