Nena - Twenty First Century Compilation

For folks who may not have listened to a Nena track written since 1983 here’s selection from her work this century. A cross section rather than a strict best of and with a number of live tracks to emphasis the quality of the bands she has put together which have been a large part of her success.

I decided after much uming and ahing to include some remakes of older songs as like Frank Zappa she has continually reworked tracks rather than churning out carbon copies of the originals.

(References to Nena generally refer to the original band in relation to the 1980s and just the singer thereafter.)

  1. Willst du mit mir gehn
  2. Ganz Oben (Live 2003)
  3. SchönSchönSchön (Live 2010)
  4. Carpe Diem
  5. Vollmond (2002)
  6. Mach Die Augen Auf
  7. Geheimnis
  8. Irgendwie, Irgendwo, Irgendwann (2002)
  9. Haus Der 3 Sonnen (2010)
  10. Silbermond
  11. Wir sind wahr
  12. Ich Hab`s Geahnt
  13. Slipping Away (Moby Cover)
  14. Immer Weiter
  15. Lass Die Leinen Los
  16. Liebe Ist
  17. In Meinem Leben
  18. Leuchtturm (2002)
  19. Made In Germany (Live)
  20. Der Anfang
  21. 99 Luftballons (2002)
  22. Mein Freund

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