Awesome From Horsham

A brief selection of popular music from Orsham, Sussex in the olden days. Mainly from 1985 to 1990 but stretching a few years either side plus a couple from the end of the century. This is largely free of me bar the odd track where I did the recording or was the straight man.

If we’re going to get picky about it there is a smattering of Crawley, Southwater & Billingshurst involved. But they all pretty much drank at The Bear in Horsham.

(Though it is of course square, because Laurie’s Favourite Shirt aren’t there).

  1. Fatal Flaw by Starfish
  2. A Thousand Splinters To My Heart by No Geraniums
  3. The Dower House by Peter Nagle
  4. King In Hell by The Jackalsons
  5. George by Richard
  6. Capri Boy by Stair Party
  7. Murder My Emotion by Christine
  8. Creative Wallpaper For The Modern Interior by DEF
  9. Thrilled by Starfish
  10. Before The Bomb by Piers Hernu
  11. Shades by Green
  12. Swimming Pool by The Hanging
  13. English Prayer Book by The Jackalsons
  14. Heaven This Side Of Heaven by Fred
  15. America by No Geraniums
  16. Down by Dragnet
  17. Magic In Your Eyes by Fixed Vision
  18. Onan The Barbarian by Richard & Momus
  19. Groovy Come Crazy by The Universal Vibe


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