Pick of the Pops 2013

For Tracy Hyde - Halation

Bops along with a bassline like Macca on a good day in the 70s.

the fin. - Glowing Red On the Show

(I love a party with a happy) Atmosphere (Don’t walk away).

Tanya Donelly & Shakespeare - Miranda (Pacifically)

Or any tune from the Swan Song series.

宮本菜津子 - Decision

Coming in just under the wire.

Chris Hadfield and Barenaked Ladies - I.S.S. (Is Somebody Singing)

Fuelled by science’. Featuring what appears to be the Stepford Choir.

Bedtown - 伝言ルージュ

From a grower of an E.P. (Not to be confused with the many bands of similar name).

Simon Stockhausen - Dying on An Ice Lake

One of the more upbeat numbers.

飴色フーガ - サマータイムマシンブルース

saisa - Lycoris

Set delays to stun! From the album of an entirely different name.

Nader Rahy - Always On My Mind

Were 29 of us following him now 1500; talent shows have their uses.

MAMASWEED - Calling You

From Rock & Roll Is Not Dead. Not to be confused with:

AF Harrold - I Want To Die At Peace In My Sleep Like My Uncle

A bonus track on his recent album so it will cost you as much as very little to buy that and hear it.

Post Modern Team - Nite Life Lounge

Could have sworn I had this on a cassette in the mid-eighties.

The Ships - Today’s My Mistake

Running to the finish with actual pop (indie).


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