Relatively Recent Japanese Music With An Indie Inclination

It may be the musical equivalent of returning to motorcycling in your 40s but a few years ago I chanced upon the Japanese band Moscow Club and through them a music scene that was reminiscent of Britain in the mid 1980s and since have kept a watching brief on developments therein.

So comes the hour to give the world the benefit of my time well spent with a fairly arbitrary selection of the great and the good with a particularly indie bent. I’ve tried for a selection that works as a whole rather than forcing each band’s best song into the mix.

  1. Bikini Kill by Moscow Club
  2. Her Secret by The Ships
  3. Nite Life Lounge by Post Modern Team
  4. Kinda Sad by Fandaze
  5. Arpeggio by Humming Parlour
  6. Walking Slowly Down The Lane (Demo) by Traffic Light
  7. Love Is Fun by Plastic Girl In Closet
  8. Sightseeing (Demo) by Teen Runnings
  9. When I Said Goodbye by Twangy Twangy
  10. Something’s Coming Up by Nokies!
  11. Little Girl by Old Lacy Bed
  12. Start Of Summer by Teenagers In Love
  13. Younger Saints (Demo) by Pastel Blue
  14. Track And Field by It Happens
  15. Shine On Me by Elen Never Sleeps
  16. Her Sarah Records Collection by For Tracy Hyde
  17. Obvious by Boyish
  18. Lovers by Umibenomachi
  19. Faraway by The Moments
  20. Holy Hands, Holy Voices by She Talks Silence
  21. Lover Lover by Slow Beach
  22. I Want You Back by Homecomings
  23. Only In My Dreams by Wallflower
  24. Echo Beach by Moscow Club

Mixcloud Meanwhile In Japan

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