Forget Spellwave. This is Poemcore

As helpfully explained by world’s end girlfriend…

What is POEMCORE”? It’s a music genre which spreads out by internet mostly. In 2006,BOOL started to make voice only demos as a sound storyboard for independent >animations that he was producing. Afterward he had developed and named it POEMCORE and started to release from net-labels. Now it’s getting around the world.

POEMCORE has a unique production way which is also one of characteristic points of POEMCORE. First make a poem-tape, reading aloud poem in a dark room late night. Then making track based on it’s it becomes music” for the last time. It’s totally different from a composition method of song or rap which is applying lyrics >to bars.

In the POEMCORE,there’s no rule of sound tone nor beat patterns for tracks. Only requiring how to create the world of poem-part which is not always on certain BPM >and how to make unmusical poem-part sounds like music as a song.

Also there are three major elements to indicate a view of poemcore world. Self-conscious like a knife” , Sukebe-Gokoro” , Darkness”.

If someone asks what culture cluster does POEMCORE belong to? Street gangs? Intellectuals? Or Otaku? We would answer clearly; POEMCORE is for KUSOMEN(Shit Men)” and KUSOGIRL(Shit Girls)” >that those all cluster has.

2nd September 2014

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