An Amateur Pontificates On… Contemporary Dance

Should you be so inclined Virgin Babylon Records have a sale on the go. They are home to world’s end girlfriend…

…still the best tune this century.

And modern dance is so much better with a tune. Due to Grants we used to do a lot of it in the olden days at the theatre where I worked. You’d spend two days rigging and forty people would turn up 1. They used lot of clever music but not much that tugged at the heart strings.

It didn’t help that too often the dancers would fall back on what I called elephant shapes, particularly when improvising. Coincidentally enough the exception was a Japanese chap with a patch over one eye who started his show Spinal Tap style in a cocoon, but rather more successfully.

I am of course twenty years out of date.

  1. My theory was that this was partly due to Orsham being half way between London and Brighton with a side order of Chichester so folks keen on dancing (you asking?) were used to going to the posher venues there.

Hobby Horse Music Dance

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