Cor Blimey Guv, Would You Adam & Eve It

The cover of the Angel & Faith Comic Collection ‘A Little More Than Kin’ with the eponymous heros stood back to back, Angel resting a broadsword on his shoulder whilst faith is cross-armed.

I’m not saying the latest collection of London based Angel & Faith comics doesn’t offer an authentic view of contemporary English culture but if Dick Van Dyke’s character from Mary Poppins had turned up it would have been more realistic.

How could they find someone who hadn’t seen a single bit of British television or heard any songs from the last 50 years to write such anachronistic dialogue. And I may be decades out of date but British classrooms with flags on poles in them? For what? To say the pledge of I can’t be arsed?

To finish, one minor plot point. A prep school in England isn’t what the writer thinks it is.

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