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A passing conversation has had me drifting into an evening of music by members of The Shadows that was a little different from their usual fair. I haven’t got into original drummer Tony Meehans production work.

First up long serving drumm Brian Bennett with Chain Reaction from his 1978 album, Voyager (A Journey Into Discoid Funk.

Next The Hank Marvin Guitar Syndicate - New Earth Parts I & II from 1974.

You’re Burning Bridges from 1971 by Marvin Welch & Farrar was during their attempt to evolve away from the guitar instrumentals for which The Shadows were famous but fans continued to want re-runs of Apache rather than to try something new.

Bruce Welch John Farrar where also knocking out and producing country hits for Olivia Newton-John in America, some times written by ex-Shadows bassist John Rostil until his early death.

Farrar later produced her Physical’ Album.

Bruce also gave Cliff Richard’s career a kick up the wotsit producing his mid to late 1970s albums.

Back to Brian again to wind down and one of his numerous Library Music LPs Bruton Music label, Nature Watch.

For We Must Have Music

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