On a whim. Songs from the olden days, or 2019 as it was known. Doesn’t include the ones I’ve forgotten.

Edited highlights. Some good joins. And one dreadful one that sneaked past quality control.

A good attempt by Language to miss out by releasing on 31st December and a special mention for Stefanie Schrank’s mastering engineer who didn’t just reach for the look ahead limiter.

Vital Statistics

When Who What Where
00:00 Soft Blue Shimmer Chamoy Bandcamp
02:05 RiLF Soraninaru Website
04:47 Stefanie Schrank Möbiusschleife Website
07:25 Sarah Angliss Dust Website
11:10 Rocky Mountain Broncos Power It’s A Final Day Twitter
13:42 Language Communion Website
16:20 Fragile Flowers 少年は亡霊の街を巡る Bandcamp
19:51 Robyn Hitchcock & Andy Partridge Planet England Shop
22:52 The fin. Gravity Website
26:14 cloud babies Into The Clouds Bandcamp
29:00 mizu amane Tamayura Bandcamp
30:47 Missing Anoice Website
32:54 Local Standard time Darkness Bandcamp
35:37 Nils Lofgren Pretty Soon Website
39:03 BLANCO Lazy Bandcamp
41:49 the vegetablets Green Green Bandcamp
44:23 Manic Sheep Sedona Twitter
47:25 サコウリョーマ きみはゆらめき (Seaside Motel) Bandcamp
52:06 mori de kurasu 田村カフカ Bandcamp
55:53 sitaq Cap Bandcamp
57:25 dronjo kept by 4 Cruel Sun Bandcamp
60:06 Edwyn Collins You Rescued Me Website
62:45 i-fls She Decided Tumblr
64:45 Pasta Grows On Trees Désert Sentimental Bandcamp
67:20 しんきろうのまち 悠遠 Bandcamp
71:14 Michael Franti & Spearhead The World Is So Fucked Up (But I Ain’t Ever Giving Up) Website

A number of the bands have more active Facebook pages but I do have a few remaining principals.


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