International Bandcamp Day

37 email notifications from bands have subtly reminded me that it is Bandcamp waiving not drowning Friday where they give their share of sales to good causes. So I endured the multiple PayPal checkouts to buy, amongst others…

Mizu Amane from the Anoice stable makes sure those whose Japanese isn’t up scratch don’t feel left out by singing in archaic language people from their own country would struggle to understand.

I caught up on the Tanya Donelly fund raising series - here doing a track by the other US band on 4AD in the 80s who were quite good but never in Throwing Muses’ league.

After a bit of a cock-up on the upload front Mass Of The Fermenting Dregs bring you You.

Unintentionally winding me up as I can’t quite remember what Glue Magic from their new EP reminds me of is Tenma Tenma (so good they named it twice).

Twas early Phoenix I was thinking of.

A little more left field from Takara Araki on Tanukineiri Records who appear to have gotten out of the pottery business.


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