It’s About That Time Of Night Volume Eighteen

Many moons ago I posted online the odd tune suitable for late night listening but the varying embedding restrictions and ephemeral nature of the web meant the individual posts became hard to maintain. So having collected them into compilations I thought I might as well stick em on Mixcloud.

  1. Einstürzende Neubauten - Blume
  2. Barenaked Ladies - I Saw
  3. Dreadzone - Walk Tall
  4. The Rutles - I Love You
  5. Big Country - Chance
  6. The Dudley Moore Trio - Bedazzled
  7. Jack Scott - My True Love
  8. JJ Cale - Sensitive Kind
  9. The Rutles - Between Us
  10. Lesley Duncan - Chain Of Love
  11. Pelle Carlberg - Pamplona
  12. JJ Cale & Eric Clapton - Three Little Girls
  13. Neil Young - Tired Eyes
  14. The Style Council - Blue Cafe
  15. All About Eve - Shelter From The Rain

It's About That Time Of Night Mixcloud

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