On A Whim

I searched what ラブリーサマー ちゃん is up to - going underground apparently…

Sounds a bit like the noisier tracks of Wenn Alles Richtig Ist, Dann Stimmt Was Nich’ era Nena which realistically isn’t a useful reference for anyone except myself.

Which prompted me to see how Nena herself is filling in the time…

Playing with video effects on the home computer it would seem.

Which prompted me to see how her old muckers in Nena the band are getting on - also making an album with a cast of several…

Particularly noteworthy is the Moto Morini by the piano. I had the more upright Strada version which was a better fit for me but had been modded to have the Heron combustion chambers of the sportier version.

One Wot I Like

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