It’s About That Time Of Night Volume Twenty

Many moons ago I posted online the odd tune suitable for late night listening but the varying embedding restrictions and ephemeral nature of the web meant the individual posts became hard to maintain. So having collected them into compilations I thought I might as well stick em on Mixcloud.

  1. Edwyn Collins If Ever You’re Ready
  2. Bernard Cribbins - I’ve Grown Accustomed To Her Face
  3. Mick Harvey & Anita Lane - Overseas Telegram
  4. Kasey Chambers - Paper Aeroplane
  5. Tanya Donelly - So Much Song
  6. Rotary Connection - A-Muse
  7. Robert Mellin & Gian Piero Reverberi - Robinson Crusoe Suite
  8. Peter Skellern - Love Is The Sweetest Thing
  9. Matthews Southern Comfort - A Commercial Proposition
  10. Marc Johnson - In A Quiet Place
  11. Michel Legrand - Theme From The Go Between
  12. Smany - Music
  13. Raf - Self Control
  14. Bernard Butler - You Light The Fire
  15. Nils Lofgren - Like A Hurricane

It's About That Time Of Night Mixcloud

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