A Little Night Music No.6

Playing with the modules on the Poly Effects Digit / Beebo I came up with this ditty and it’s the effects that do the heavy lifting as I’m a bit restricted in what I can play by the return of an old shoulder injury. An Empress Zoia helps out with a tremoloed reverb and a ping-pong delay though the stereo effect is a little lost as I’m just recording the sound of my computer speakers - hence a certain amount of acoustic’ guitar.

As I do more of these videos it becomes very apparent I have too many guitars but money for instruments is just one of the many advantages of not having children. In this case it’s a Fret-King JDD, the Jerry Donahue signature model to which I’ve added a kill switch, moved the various controls and replaced the tone potentiometer with a TBX one with Premier Guitar magazine modifications.

Noise Audio And Or Visual A Little Night Music

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