A Little Night Music No.5

A bit of a cock-up on the recording front as I deleted the lead guitar and had to use the camera microphone which means a certain amount of room noise and backing track spill but it’s near enough for light opera.

The guitar I’m using is a Revelation RLR based on the Les Paul Recording’ model and has pickups that can switch between humbucker and two single coil modes. There’s a phase switch and a variable impedance control to change from modern to vintage tones and I’ve added a bass cut which adds a couple of options to thin out the sound which is particularly useful with a lot of effects.

In this instance I’m using the humbuckers which are out of phase when I move to both on. The strings are a little unusual these days being Thomastik-Infield flatwounds, 12 and up.

For the backing track the Poly Effects Beebo / Digit is running the Leon Todd preset where eight delays are arrayed like one configuration of the Yamaha UD Stomp. I’ve just changed the routing a little to follow it with an Empress Zoia in the second set of ins and outs. The Zoia is running an old standby from the industrious Christopher H. M. Jacques, Fading Dream’ - in diffuse mode. As seen on Patchstorage.

The melodic part is the Chordelayverb on Beebo, again by Leon Todd.

And the amp’ is the Neunaber Neuron which I like because it doesn’t set out to be a copy of any other guitar amplifier.

Noise Audio And Or Visual A Little Night Music

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