A Little Night Music No.8

Featuring no noticeable tune. So about par for the course.

The usual suspects are joined by a Source Audio Super Collider delaying and reverbing at the end of the signal chain. Or not quite the end as there be a Digitech JamMan Solo XT recording the outcome. Continuing the Digitech theme a Polara provides the reverse reverb.

The Poly Effects Bebo is mainly for delay in quantity at the following lengths: 31, 32, 96 and 128 seconds. Some chorus and phasing is included for good measure. (Patch photo at the end of the video).

The Zoia is running Parts’ by who else but Christopher H. M. Jacques: 10 … loopers probabilistically record and play back … depending on a Density” control. The loops are randomly panned throughout the stereo field, and can be set to different pitches and reversed.’ It is that very Density control I can be seen twiddling.

Today’s guitar is a new old stock DBZ Royale ST as knocked out by Scan Computers in the UK at very reasonable rates (if you can still be bothered to fight your way past Cloudfront Captchas). It’s thin and lightweight but a gnats neck heavy. I got is specifically to set up with very thin strings and ludicrously low action to be easy to play when my shoulder and wrists aren’t in the mood for anything with more resistance.

Speaking of heavy it comes with high output humbuckers - fine for energetic styles but replaced on mine with the more mellow Warman Retro Rockers.

There is also a longer, and though it’s hard to believe, duller version of this on the channel as I had uploaded it before realising the folly of my ways.

Noise Audio And Or Visual A Little Night Music

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