Few Fees Friday

For the consideration of the Jury.

Daimon Orchestra have an EP on the go and after mentioning Zappa along with their Bolero t’other day here’s a piece for Trombone Ensemble & Band with XTC referenced. (There’s a couple of minutes of effects at the start).

Following up 2019’s Forest Room mori de kurasu now venture out into the Landscape.

Disrupting / De-constructing / something else beginning with D on Few Fees Friday you can’t pay for shiokara’s trip to the seaside.

Anoice and derivations are at Name Your Price’ but apparently I have everything already including last week’s release from Yuki Murata.

One from Patrick St. Michael’s Otaquest list Still Dreams - Last True Love (though I went for the mini-album Pre-order).

One I missed from last year by Summer Dress which hides away a rather decent song about half way through the last track, My Blue Heaven (not a cover of the number from 1927s Ziegfeld Follies).

And also playing the Name Your Price’ game world’s end girlfriend. My choice being the remaster of enchanted landscape escape from (cough cough) years ago.

Do watch out when putting in the amount to pay as accounts from the same country can sell in different currencies - as I discovered from sticking Yen in a Japanese account asking for dollars and nearly paying £700 for a download.

One Wot I Like

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