Give A Little Skiffle

Groups like the Velvet Underground may be lionized by popular music histories but everyone who bought a Lonnie Donegan record started a band.

Screen capture from Twitter of Billy Bragg mentioning his skiffle documentary.


Amongst My Post-Revolution Policies

Will be that field recordings’ can only be of, or made in, fields.

Charging an entry fee to Free Jazz concerts will be made illegal and Piano Trios will have to consist of three pianos (pianists optional).

All Experimental Music will be required to submit documentation pertaining to Apparatus, Method, Result, and Conclusion before release and no Tribute Band will be allowed to contain members older those in the group they’re imitating were at the point of dissolution. (Later reformations for cash or cabaret do not count).

Finally, if I ruled the world, every day would be the first day of spring.

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Summon The Court To Convene

Increasingly my role at work is to be the boy who shouts, The King is in the altogether’.

The Caretaker Files

Great! Super!

I fear my continued use of quotes from the late 70’s series The Fall & Rise Of Reginald Perrin falls outside the statute of limitations for pop culture references.

But I didn’t get where I am today by worrying about the statue of limitations for pop culture references.


April Fools Day Is For Everyone

The po-faced can feel superior and make disparaging comments about it whilst everyone else can have moments of mild amusement and relief from the pressing matters of the age.

Screen capture of a Tweet and video from the Wine Society on 1st April announcing they would be replacing their tasting notes with interpretative dance to describe wines. That’s on 1st April.


Twenty Nine Seconds Is A Long Time In Cycling

Two lines from a test commentary, 29 seconds apart, with the first saying the lead group of cyclists won’t be caught followed shortly after by the second saying they’ve been caught.

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Getting The Miles In

I warmed up for the planned ludicrously complex pedalboard by wiring a small one tonight.

I used the power cables that came with the supply rather than make my own so it’s not as neat as could be and had to reverse the polarity for one pedal which has the handy side effect of saving the universe from alien foes.

A quite neatly wired guitar pedal board seen from above and below, the latter showing the power cable routing. A final picture shows the board turned on in a darkened room and only the various colours of the pedal’s LED indicator lamps showing.

It certainly seems capable of those classic 1970s rock guitar sounds. 1

  1. Your 70s may vary.


Deposits Are Not Refundable

The chap who wanted to hire the Hall for a Brexit party tonight 1 is probably pretty relieved it wasn’t available.

  1. At the time of writing the deadline to leave the European Union had been extended.

The Caretaker Files

I Do Enjoy Sport’s Commentary

You have to be a little bit careful but throw caution to the wind’.

From coverage of the Volta a Catalunya.


Powers Of Ten

I notice the electronic soundtrack to this short film mentioned by Stephan Fry on Twitter is by Elmer Magnificent Seven’ Bernstein who clearly had more strings to his bow / oscillators to his synth than I was aware of.

It turns out his collaborations with the Eames spanned many years. Here Toccata for Toy Trains (1957) feels a more realistic than a lot of CGI.

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