When a piece of technology is described as Smart’ that’s only in comparison to the person who buys it.



Why isn’t my DAW seeing the plugin.

It’s registered and showing up in my iLock account. I’ll have to rescan…

What! still nothing. Are the VST paths correct?

I’ll reboot…


Ah, perhaps if I install it.


Time Management

I find the time to post during working ours through such efficiency improvements as replacing phrases in emails like, Would you advise if…?’, with Can…?’.


Word Up

There isn’t a word in English for X in language Z but there are many that can be used in combination to convey the intended meaning.


Once More With Less Feeling

Whatever you think of the world’s most underrated band, The Beatles1, we could do with a lot more modern combos following their lead of just singing their songs rather than feeling the need to emote to the standards of a particularly bad amateur dramatics understudy.

  1. With it being decades since The Beatles were together very few people appreciate the rate at which the band evolved - From Please Please Me to Tomorrow Never Knows in three years whilst touring for much of the time.


Death Is Not The End

It’s important to consider what will happen to your local and online digital assets when you die and the impact on those who may inherit them.

I, for example, will be able to rest in peace knowing the tags of my digital music collection are correct and consistently formatted.


Bells On Film

I chanced upon a strangely addictive YouTube channel offering 360 degree HD recordings of church bell ringing throughout the UK.

You need to have a head for heights to ring in Cartmel.

And whilst on the subject…

The Ellacombe apparatus is an English mechanism devised for chiming by striking stationary bells with external hammers’…‘so churches did not have to tolerate the behaviour of what he thought were unruly bell-ringers.’


Alternative Radio

For the full Resonance experience listen with your windows open during the dawn chorus whilst playing back random tracks from your sound effects collection.

Twitter screen capture showing the Phantom Circuit radio show account announcing the most recent program has been uploaded to Mixcloud.


I Wish To Register A Complaint

About the Roland Blues Cube’.

Photo of two Roland Blues Cube guitar amplifiers neither of which are square.


On Protests Against Equality And Tolerence At The School Gate

What exactly are the qualifications of these self-appointed parents’ to dictate education policy? Most seem to get by more by luck than judgement and Philip Larkin wasn’t entirely wrong in his appraisal of parenting.