Anoice To See You to See You Anoice

From their august album released in augu

One Wot I Like

The Harsh Reality

Creating the ultimate guitar pedalboard is great right up to when you have to solder all the cables.


サコウリョーマ - ハネムーンにて

Meanwhile on the beach enjoying a kaleidoscopic honeymoon.

One Wot I Like

It’s Not Me It’s You

A screen capture from Twitter where someone compares a particular phrase in English with a more colourful one in Japanese without considering if there are equally idiomatic choices in their native language that they could have chosen for comparison.

I would favour the alternative interpretation that this comment reveals the author’s limited vocabularly and poor command of English rather than the superiority of another language.


Nils Lofgren - Pretty Soon

I’m only about half a year late in realising there’s a new Nils Lofgren album out which amongst over tracks has a half a dozen he wrote with Lou Reed back in the day. This isn’t one of them. I do like the backing singers.

For We Must Have Music

Tricot - あふれる

Great example by Tricot of the utility of Leo Fender’s designs. Try doing this with a Gibson - a 335 would be waterlogged in no time and a Les Paul would drag you straight to Davy Jones’ Locker.

(Ignoring the whole electricity and water thing of course).

Thankfully looking at the state of the water the overflow in question clearly isn’t what’s pumped out into the sea on some beaches.

It should be noted that if you fall into coastal waters in a country like the UK (or indeed a more northern Japanese prefecture) where its temperature is often below 15°C it’s important to float for a short period to get breathing under control before attempting to swim.

And you may want to consider the buoyancy of the woods you choose for the body and neck of your guitar.

Should you manage to clamber atop passing driftwood or such then the superiority of Fender type instruments is again demonstrated by their suitability for use as oars. An SG may seem ideal but the weak headstock joint could severely hinder your rowing in the event of breakage.

A man surfing whilst playing a Fender guitar

One Wot I Like

Masu Dore Round Up

Nice to see the rarely appreciated Strat middle pickup to the fore. 23rd August

It isn’t real rock n’ roll without a glitter curtain. 8th August

Very convenient if the singer fancies a quick pint during the guitar solo. 3rd August

Very basic tactical error by the audience who have fallen for a classic pincer movement. (Our heroes at five minutes in). 16th July

For We Must Have Music

Having A Bit Of A Sort Out

And have found a case that doesn’t appear to fit any of my guitars.

I may have to buy a another guitar.


The fin. - Gravity

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She Flys Like A Mandolin, Which Is To Say Poorly

Ich stucken an Almuse P90 type pickup in my Epiphone Mandobird which makes the response across the strings a lot more even. Now I just need to replace the person playing it.

A solid body electric mandolin in the shape of a Gibson Firebird with various tools lying around it.

(The big pliers aren’t required for the install, they just happened to be on the bench).