Latest election leaflets in with the junk mail. Currently tempted to vote Cubitt & West.1

The aforementioned leaflets, for Labour and No Change UK, plus one for an Estate Agents.

  1. Estate Agents


Flapping Oboist

Cyclist Mark Cavendish bemoans the effects of jet lag which have left him ‘flapping oboist from pillow to pillow’.


More About 80’s Australian Films Starring Dead Pop Stars Then

Yet again failed to capitalize on what Twitter anaylitcs tells me my Followers want.

Top interests of Twitter followers shown as ‘space’ and ‘dogs’.



Screen capture of a tweet from the Quickstep cycling team helpfully explaining that today’s decisive climb at the Tour of Romandie, Torgon, shouldn’t be confused with Turgon the Tolkein character.

TDR being the Tour Of Romandie in Switzerland.

Aside Sport Cycling

I’ve A Suspicion

I may have made a cock-up on the default language front when reinstalling.

Linux command line showing program messages in Japanese in green text on a black background (this will be important later on).

It doesn’t feel like the future unless it’s green on black. A shot from the film Alien showing a computer screen with text in green on black.


The Next Big Thing

As newsletters are on the rise again I’ve started one called, Secret, Hidden, and Forgotten’. Obviously I can’t let anyone subscribe to it but don’t let that worry you as I’m struggling to find much content to include.


I’ve Been Here Before

Having clicked a link from a newsletter it would be nice not to then be confronted with a pop-up box suggesting you sign up for the very same newsletter.

If only they had access to a machine capable of parsing text and choosing different courses of action based on its contents.

Screen capture showing pretty much exactly what the text of the post describes.


Catching Up

Judging from the lone song thus far available the upcoming Air Loom’ from Sarah Angliss isn’t the album of sing-a-long bar room classics some may have been expecting - but even better.

The latest release from Local Standard Time, Four New Songs, is perhaps not suitable for aquaphobics or those at risk from rising sea levels but the pared down sound is fine late night listening for those of us living on higher ground.

(Hoping those are paring knives for the purpose of my pun).

This is perhaps taking catching up to extremes but not being a Janice Long fan I missed this All About Eve session in 1987.

For We Must Have Music

With Peelmentary

I’ve always felt Napalm Death had a lot more soul than most of the bands they influenced.


Tracking Not Always As Useful As Hoped

The delivery I was expecting on the 20th might now be late and not get here until the 18th according to the link in the email saying it will arrive today (16th).