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Quin In A Bin 2019-11-18
That’s It, I’m Not Voting Tory Now 2019-10-29
Always Happy To Help 2019-10-29
Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Doris 2019-10-07
On Message 2019-10-04
A Conundrum 2019-09-18
Words 2019-08-01
In Local News 2019-07-07
A Laser Blast From The Past 2019-06-28
Election Update 2019-05-23
Do You Ever Get A Sense Of Deja Vu? 2019-05-21
Done The Course 2019-05-15
For Those Travelling & Working In The UK 2019-04-12
English Today No. 48 2019-04-09
Why Not Liven Up The Party With A Glitter Cannon 2019-04-07
Summon The Court To Convene 2019-04-04
Deposits Are Not Refundable 2019-03-29
Everything Above Board 2019-03-24
A (Re)Quest To IT 2019-03-23
Design Sadism 2019-03-09
In The Old Fashioned Way 2019-03-05
And Any Other Duties 2019-02-21
Progress 2019-02-19
Dispatches From The Front Line Of Rock & Roll 2018-12-29
Nihon Go Go Go 2018-12-10
In A Novel Approach 2018-12-06
I’m Still Not Convinced 2018-12-03
Yes You’ve Certainly Proved Me Wrong 2018-11-29
Agile Caretaking 2018-11-03
Le Mans 2018-07-21
Git-Um Up Scout! 2018-07-07
Not That We’re Desperate 2018-06-20
Taken To Task 2018-06-17
Not My Eighties 2018-06-15
Keep Quiet Or Everyone Will Want One 2018-06-11
Everything’s For The Best In This The Best Of All Possible Worlds 2018-05-31
Top Five Places People Lose Phones In The Building 2018-04-30
Day Tripper 2018-04-15
Meanwhile 2018-04-13
Down With The Kids. Hip To The New Sounds 2018-03-16
I Always Smell At My Best When Changing Inner Tubes 2018-02-25
I’m No Electrician But… 2018-02-11
Made The Classic Blunder For Tonight’s Event 2018-01-06
Priorities 2018-01-04
Safety First 2017-11-17
Lost Property 2017-11-11
I Gather People Spend A Lot Of Money On Standing Desks 2017-11-09
We have a negative outcome situation vis-a-vi thermal heat exchange throughput in the convection interface regulator going forward 2017-11-06
A Fit. A Palpable Fit! 2017-10-22
No, This Is A Drill 2017-09-30
Piano Duo 2017-09-23
Leaving In Style 2017-09-22
Beer Gutters (Slight Return) 2017-09-07
And Thus Begins The Web 2017-09-04
For You… 2017-08-07
Mixing It Up - Digital Edition 2017-07-07
Love Is… 2017-06-30
For You, Blue 2017-06-30
Caution Wet Paint 2017-06-23
Enough But No More 2017-06-23
One Day 2017-06-23
Sha-A-Dow 2017-06-23
What Light Through Yonder Window Breaks? 2017-06-13
Some Sort Of Indigestion Remedy I’d Wager 2017-06-04
Thumpin’ Bumpin’ & Jumpin’ 2017-06-02
Bugger! Update 2017-05-22
On The One Hand 2017-05-15
This Doesn’t Seem Very Efficient 2017-05-04
In 86.9% Of Emails I Receive 2017-04-18
Sabotage! 2017-04-08
Taking No Chances 2017-03-26
Passed The Prestigious 1300 Chairs Moved In A Week Today 2017-03-24
A Key Requirement 2017-03-09
Bugger! 2017-03-09
In The Finest Traditions Of British Workmanship 2017-02-19
Disappointing Turn Out 2017-02-10
Certainly Up To Our Usual Standard 2017-01-06
Amusing Caption Here 2017-01-04
The Best Policy 2016-12-23
The Perils Of Plumbing 2016-12-09
Module 17: Advanced Stacking 2016-12-09
This Probably Says Something Significant About Existence 2016-11-29
Tough House 2016-11-17
In Flanders Fields 2016-11-14
It’s Not A Bug It’s A Feature 2016-11-08
I Don’t Like To Cancel Classes But 2016-09-23
Bal’last There Me Hearties 2016-09-15
How They Laughed… 2016-09-08
This Could Be A Clue 2016-08-02
Roof Garden Coming Along Nicely 2016-07-19
I’m No Expert But 2016-07-14
No Bees Were Harmed In The Making Of This Update 2016-07-11
Oh There You Are 2016-07-02
Whichever Way It Goes 2016-06-22
Also Unappreciated At Work 2016-06-12
Quite Annoyed Actually 2016-05-31
A Bit Of A Shock 2016-05-30
Stageshifters Of The World Unite 2016-05-21
A Call Point Of View 2016-05-16
I’m Not Entirely Sure This Is Appropriate 2016-05-15
It’s Around 4.30am 2016-05-08
I Think I’ve Hit Upon The Problem 2016-05-07
Sign Up, Door Open, Even Balloons Hung… 2016-04-28
I Appear To Be 2016-04-28
Nothing I Did At School… 2016-04-23
I Expect Too Much Of People 2016-04-22
Terrorism Course Today 2016-04-22
Stumped 2016-04-20
Disabled Babies Only? 2016-04-16
ESOL 2016-04-07
I Don’t Remember Leaving That There 2016-03-28
We’ve A Church In This Morning 2016-03-27
Tech Tips No. 349 2016-03-18
It’s My Own Fault Really 2016-03-17
I Like The Easy Queries 2016-03-15
It Smells Like A Pub Downstairs 2016-03-04
Improvised Clandestine Coffee Transport 2016-02-19
Compare & Contrast 2016-02-15
Are You Sure It Says Flail Manically? 2016-02-12
The Whole Milk And Nothing But The Milk 2016-01-22
Enjoying The Works Christmas Meal 2015-12-22
I’m Downloading The Works Whistle Blowing Policy 2015-12-16
Oops Upside Your Head 2015-12-06
Ladies & Gentleman 2015-11-21
And On The Geeeetar 2015-11-20
Trust Me… I’m From Human Resources 2015-11-16
And On The Geeeetar 2015-11-08
Now Listening 2015-10-17
From The Caretaker Files 2015-10-14
What? 2015-08-26
Now Where Did I Leave That Phone? 2015-07-17
The Secret Garden 2015-06-23
Up Above The Streets And Houses 2015-06-20
Bank Holiday 2015-05-04
The Pipes The Pipes Are Calling 2015-04-23
Summer Office 2015-04-15
Tools Of The Trade 2015-04-11
Partisan Cheese 2015-03-25
Up, Across, Down 2015-02-25
I’m Living In A Dox, A Cardboard Dox 2015-02-21
Without Fail 2015-02-13
Reality Television Reality 2015-01-07
Bleeding Radiators 2014-09-15
Appearance 2014-08-28
352 2014-08-21
Nude With Flask 2014-08-14
Umbrage 2014-05-11
Shoot On Site 2014-04-13
Banana Man 2014-03-29
Those Less Fortunate Than Ourselves 2014-01-23
A Light In The Black 2014-01-03
Either 2013-12-22
Risk Assessment 2013-10-27
Thud 2013-10-27
The Light Fantastic 2013-10-26
Let It Rain 2013-10-26
By The Artificial Light 2013-10-23
Glamour 2013-10-06
The Clue Is In The Answer 2013-10-04
The Coasters 2013-10-01
These Things Are Sent To Try Us 2013-09-30
None Shall Pass 2013-08-29
The Green Man 2013-08-14
Pictures At An Exhibition 2013-08-11
Wedding Receptions 2013-07-20
Drill Halls In Mirror Balls 2013-05-11
Coastin’ 2013-05-04
Alien Versus Predator 2013-05-04
Couldn’t Tell Him From… 2013-05-03
Talking ’Bout Their Generation 2013-03-26
Through 2013-03-26
Don’t Go Off The Rails 2013-03-26
The Black Keys 2013-03-15
Not That One 2013-03-09
Running To Stand Still 2013-03-05
And Thus My Life Slips Away 2013-02-15
Adding Insult To Injury 2013-01-26
Office 2013-01-19
The Old Flute Player In The Room Next Door Ploy 2013-01-19
Staff Advert 2013-01-14
There’s A Ghost In The House 2012-12-20
One Step Forward, One Step Broken 2012-12-17
Not It’s Not ‘Health & Safety Gone Mad’ 2012-11-30
I can here the music from the meditation class upstairs… 2012-11-26
Willie Austin Has Them Up & Jiving Tonight 2012-11-15
Can You Spot Which Is The Newer Of The Two? 2012-11-08
The Projector Isn’t Working!!! 2012-10-24
Front Door 2012-10-13
Acute Angel 2012-10-11
Before The Off 2012-09-16
Office 2012-09-16
When The Dust Settles 2012-09-15
Insider Knowledge 2012-09-15
Exhibitor taking no chances at baby & toddler show… 2012-06-24
I Despair! Again 2012-06-24
Acoustics Testing Today 2012-06-06
80 degrees in the hall. 90 women about to start a Zumba class 2012-05-29
The Future’s So Bright… 2012-05-25
It Came As A Bit Of A Shock 2012-03-28
Yes I’m Pretty Rock And Roll 2012-03-22
Why We Need Health & Safety No.17 2012-03-09
Not Applicable 2012-03-07
Office 2012-02-22
I Think I Can See The Problem 2012-02-06
Etiquette 2012-02-02
Mopsterclass 2011-12-28
Living The Dream 2011-12-28
Paradox 2011-12-20
Relaxing To The Traditional Sounds 2011-10-10
Communication 2011-10-08
Those Dramatic Scenes Again 2011-09-24
Introducing The Mk. III Ergonomically Designed Party Balloon Disposal System 2011-09-24
Second Star To The Right And Straight On ’Til Morning 2011-09-19
From The Conceptualists du Laboratoire Zatapathique 2011-09-18
How To Set Up A Beer Festival (Abridged) 2011-09-18
That’s Lage, no ‘R’ 2011-06-24
Forgotten Walls In Old Drill Halls 2011-06-20
Smokers Club 2011-04-02
Oh Dear 2011-03-18
Cracked 2011-03-12
Mixing It Up 2010-07-20
Seventy Six Trombones Minus Seventy Four 2010-07-14
The Pigs Are All Right 2010-03-12
First Up Against Wall Come The Revolution 2010-02-07
Ceiling Included 2009-12-10
In Colour 2009-11-11
I Think I May Be Able To See The Flaw In The Plan 2009-11-11
Paradise By The Emergency Light 2009-11-08
I’ll Take A Wild Guess 2009-10-17
Horsham Beer Festival 2009 2009-09-21
Let’s Elect! 2009-06-04
I Think I May Be Able To See The Problem 2009-05-07